Daniel Mack 


Amity Gallery August 6-28 2022     

Notes on Dan Mack’s Objects of Animal Energies

Deer Scapula  $80

   a play on white, light and support

Cernunnos  $50

   for your collection of feathers

Basket of Carved Stone Animal spirit totems   $30 each

   for your pocket, home altar or a gift to a distressed friend

Trout from Rusted Flashing   NFS

Garden Spirit Animals  $40

    hovering, skimming, riding the waves of the garden;

    Protection from Deer? Hmmm


Objects of “natural magic” 

Why might you want them?

To help engage with the spirit world.

To Reinforce and Witness Belief in Power of Found Shapes, Textures, Touching, Holding

To Allow for Other Energies to present in their own ways and times. 

Reminders of the What Else is It? nature of everything we encounter.

Celebration of the unconscious, dreams, symbols, the casual


The Themes and Techniques of Making these objects are often alien


THEMES of Natural Magic Objects:

About Animism, Commonality not Domination or status

About Life as Piles, not Rows 

Finding Meaning on the periphery  sexuality, madness, l punishment, violence, deceit, secrecy,

About Viewer Engagement, Excitement, Participation, Completion, not just admiration!

Recognizing our shared  common Four Needs for :

The Organic:  versus technical (PRIMITIVISM)  

Stories… usually about “otherness”  a rebalancing, tipping (COMMUNITY) 

Dexterity/Transformation:  Making this into that: “I am becoming” (FETISHES) 

Awe/Wonder/Joy/Play (ALCHEMY)



PAUSING, A BREATH, JUST WAIT, ALLOW for Multiple Realities, Fluttering Standards 


PLAYING: just  ordering AND REORDERING; Using “stone the builders rejected”

ABSTRACTION, Wabi-sabi, rough, manipulated, raw, elusive

VIOLATION of Geometries, Accepted Ways of working and civility