NaturePlay... a way back


For three Satyrday Mornings in May--and perhaps longer-- I'll be at The Seligmann Homestead in Sugar Loaf, NY offering a few hours of what's called NaturePlay.  I'm working with the Orange County Land Trust to stimulate more land-based experiences. (press release).

It's "Deep Conservation"  in the way David Sobel sees it:

Talking to trees and hiding in trees precedes saving trees.

I'm not a Nature Educator, a Park Ranger and have no degrees in Forestry or Environmental Science,  but, like many of us, I've been involved with the woods and streams and beaches for the last 30 years as an artist and maker. 

An artist's purpose is not to teach something but to create an experience where you learn something via an encounter with beauty, joy, surprise, shock...  The outcome of an artistic engagement is unpredictable and not easily quantified or measures. 

Oh yes, your large motor skills may improve...

This is for everybody: children, artists, Park Rangers, moms, dads, County Executives, people who want to build Fairy or Troll Houses or do some trail maintenance... 

This is being co-sponsored by my favorite group,

The Seligmann Center for the Arts... so there is a slight surrealist twist as we relish the unexpected, the coincidental and the discovered as we explore these 50 acres.


NATUREPLAY  Satyrday Schedules:

10am Meet    Sign In with Mud Signatures, Tour, 50-acre Site Maps:  Uplands,  Buildings,  Wetlands

                        Hey! Poison Ivy and Ticks, Bathrooms Here.

                        There's a huge free scrap pile of great wood -- right around the corner at Laroe's

                        NaturePlay   Look/Hunt/Make PATTERNS with Nature; Humans are aggressive.


10:15 Perimeter Hike/HuntThe Lenape considered found shape stone more important than a crafted one

                           What’s Here TODAY? what’s seen heard, smelled, found


10:45 Share Reactions  Were some placess more “special” ?
                          Start Common Map/Inventory

                          Suggest Sharing/Gifts: Closing Story here and gift for another person or place


11-12 Interactions           What do you need/want NOW? Quiet? Activity? Make? Watch?
                          Using surrealism as guide: Honor accident, coincidence
                          Caretaking/Trail Making, Debris fences, Bench, Garlic Pull,
                          Tree Loom, Shadow Drawing, Contemplative Photography, Make Sounds?
                          Troll/Fairie Houses near Cemetery, Wand-Making, Magnifiers, Marking


Noon                 NEXT TIME??? What can you do/be At Home??


HOW TO BE at Seligmann maybe NOT “What to DO”


                                               Lots of birds here: Feather ID: Jays, Owls, Crows                        a checklist?

Contact Dan for more information   845 986 7293 or   email