2017 Studio Work


These Cabinet Pieces are all too set, too arranged. 

I'm in the perpetual middle of a Book, or Proposal for a Book, and have run across, again, Roland Barthes idea of a WRITERLY TEXT

where a piece of writing is not "done" till the reader engages with it and embodyies it.

So, I'm back to carving small stones with a penknife and sandpaper. Haptic, multi-forms, Eoliths, is a word I'll learn in June

Also, I proposed an installation and workshop for a River-themed exhibit at a regional college museum.  Rejected.  Their Loss



I'm experimenting with presentation... to make it casual, tempting people to pick up things, examine them, perhaps rearrange or oops, break them.  Looking to energize the provoceteur, to induce violation...

I got a hundred 4"x5" necklace boxes. I'm putting in my carved stones, bone pieces and old coins and...