Daniel Mack

Rustic Furnishings

Hey, What Can I Buy??  well, experiences or objects::

Buy a Book for $15... or an original ink drawing, small and unframed for $40 or bigger and framed, for $125.  All ready-to-mail.

GO RUSTIC with books, ink drawings, sculpture, furniture, garden and architectural elements, workshops and creative experiences for yourself or others as gifts.   from $15 to $1 Million.

1. Imaginal Artifacts and Sculptures: objects which resembling

tools, furniture, art, but perform ambiguous and changing functions. Someone has called the "non-religious altar objects"..

2. Rustic Furnishings:

3. Rustic Architectural Elements

4. Workshops/Consultations with Dan

...Learn It Yourself or give someone a Workshop as a gift

5. Books

Five of Dan's seven books are still in print and he will sign and send you any of them ($15-$20 each).