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Weekend Workshops

Dan's 1200 square-foot studio is well-stocked with tools, supplies and materials.  Starting January 2017, he's offering workshops suitable for the beginner, the experienced maker, curious dabblers,

stuck artists and families. 

After you feel comfortable with the Tools, Materials and Rustic Attitudes, you can develop your own projects to work on  

under Dan's supervision or at home and just

come by for some troubleshooting help when you need it.

Two ways to encounter natural materials. Both are suitable for artists, novice builders, interested teens and older adults. Both meet in Mack’s Warwick Village Barn/Studio filled with natural materials and tools.

1. Sculptural Approaches

to Natural Materials

email for next dates

1-4pm       $55   

for artists and spiritual seekers interested in exploring new materials and ways of seeing and working. It is a version of what Mack teaches at The Omega Institute.     MORE

This workshop can be offered in formats from 60-minutes in length and is a great, fun activity at Team-Building events

2. Developing Rustic Building Skills

email for next dates 

11-4pm  $125       Limited to 6 people

introduces the tools, techniques and shop tricks of building benches, chairs and other rustic items. It is based on Mack’s several books on how to make rustic furniture.

A likely project will be a rustic slab wood tableMORE






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