Daniel Mack

"Being Irish, he had an abiding sense of tragedy which sustained him through temporary periods of joy."                                   W.B.Yeats                                                 

Daniel Mack has worked with natural materials for 35 years as an artist, furniture maker and architectural consultant. His work is in many private and museum collections. He has written seven books.

In the 1970s, he was a network television and radio producer and talk show host and has taught writing and media at several universities.

Since 2010, he's been doing less rustic furniture and architectural services and more sculptural work with natural materials.  Currently, he is working on sculptural collections from bark he gathers from the banks of the Hudson River. This is the Anima series-- a collection of figures-- and since 2013, a collection of stone carvings, yet unnamed.

He regularly teaches workshops on rustic work and creativity. He is writing Shadows and Puddles, an approach to creativity and the creative unconscious based in archetypal psychology.

  Since 1997, he has been on the Faculty of The

  Omega Institute for Holistic Studies in

  Rhinebeck, NY. 

  He is actively involved with an avant-garde art

  and nature movement as chairman of the The            Seligmann Center Committee in Sugar

  Loaf, NY. 

  He is on the Board of Trustees of a

County-Wide Placemaking Organization and for ten years, chaired a community visioning organization in his hometown of Warwick, NY.      



STUDIO WORK         a moment in the studio
  • Continuing to explore expressive capacity of ephemeral materials/simple tools in carved stones, carved bark, collage and assemblage work
  • Exploring techniques of surrealism
  • Re-Configuring Studio from Woodworking to Sculpture



Role of art-making in palliative care, hospice, aging, grief, transition.


Better understanding of the whys and ways people adjust, refine their Stories.


the changing needs of beauty, the feral and new skill and dexterity.


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Thin Places, bi-monthly column, DIRT
Continuing on Book

Committee Member, Wickham Woodlands,

             a new repurposed Town Park

Chairman, Seligmann Center Committee,

              Sugar Loaf, NY

Trustee, Orange County Citizens Foundation,

               Sugar Loaf, NY


2017     Redwoods, Maryland Shore, Olympic Peninsula, Scotland

2016     Olympic Peninsula, Maryland Shore, LA

2015     Rome, Sicily, Olympic Peninsula

2014     Olympic Peninsula, Maryland Shore

2013     Greece, Olympic Peninsula, Maryland Shore




“The Guide of Souls who allows a plot to be deeply rearranged

is rarely an obvious actor in the story at hand, for durable stories

are self-containing, self-defended against change and fragmentation.

The high gods set guard dogs around their sacred meadows. If there

is to be change, its agent will have to hypnotize these dogs and slip

into the shadows, like an embarrassing impulse, a cunning pathogen,

a love affair, a shameless thief taking a chance.”

Lewis Hyde, Trickster Makes the World, p. 91.


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