What is Casual Alchemy?  September 2022

Most simply, it's a making and object-based approach to Psyche: Learning to Let Psyche Lead. 

Sensitive Chaos

As "Creative Aging"

As a Self-Guided Workshop

As a Game, As PLAY

It's a collection of ideas and self-guided prompts to get more access to your Creative Unconscious,

to Access the Intuitive Mind and bypass too much thinking and talking.

Finding ways into a light tranceYou are likely already skilled in how to do this: 

Look around your living and work spaces. Notice the number of Altars - spaces filled with special objects--you have already made.  What are they about? Who are they to and for?

Just Make Something. Let It Reveal: What it is, Why it was made, Who responds and comes for it.

It's all about  Magical Thinking

In these last 20 years, I have not been able to tidy this material into A ONE SINGLE BOOK.

That seemed so didactic and the very opposite of the undulating nature of Casual Alchemy.  

So all this has become more a heaving biome of thoughts, images, observations, suggestions, mutterings, memories and references.

This short booklet form seems promising. It allows for a re-telling of the same material but with important different inflections or variations.

The size and brevity, at 3-28 pages, is kind to all learning styles and attention spans.

It invites the Intuitive Mind to have a presence in the experience by choosing where to begin:     "What am I in the mood for today?" 

Casual Alchemy explores five areas:

Casual (play, awe, surprise),

Alchemy (balancing head, hand, heart),

Making (a rich viable route to identity), 

The Spiral (key image, experience) and

Vegetable Thinking (rooting in our organic, not

   technical nature.  After all, we are 70% water!)

Yours as a Gift!  

Core Narrative on Casual Alchemy   (11/21)

Making your Book of Mirrors  (11/21)

Making Objects   (11/21)

Curious Trails, Scents, References    always updated

Materials from Casual Alchemy Workshops

Befriending the Creative Unconscious 

(27p., Omega 2018)

Comes with Creative Aging  (22p  2/21) 

Notes on Alchemy (6p. 2009/2021)

As a Game!  (6/21)

Meeting Your Ersions (8p.)  (6/20)