Objects as Magical Decoys


Stone Carvings   "eoliths"            

from common yard, field and beach stones



I started this is 2013 in Paros, Greece with soft marble

beachstones --leftovers from the quarries where

Michelangelo got his marble.

The stones are carved with a simple penknife. 

Maybe I use a a rasp and some different sandpapers

to finish them off. 

This process allows me to experiment with Enough?

What's Enough? in size, in crafting, in finishing, in shaping?.

It is not an easy set of questions to answer.

Each level of enough-ness has its own messages;

Some make you simply admire the Maker;

others invite you into the materials;

How to present them has been a challenge.

In 2017, I have been trying simple cardboard gift boxes,

on the assumption that these should be gifts. 

The box format invites people to touch and examine the stones.


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