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November 13, Creative Aging Workshop



Oct 16, Garden Presentation: Gardens as Thin Places

Oct 10, Creative Aging Workshop

Aug 26-30 

Befriending the Creative Unconscious. The Omega Institute


Jan-Mar   Workshops in Warwick Studio

Feb           6-day Enrichment Program, Local School

Apr          Assoc for the Healing Power of the Imagination

Aug          Woodlanders


Oct           Making Rustic   10-5     $175

                Hudson River Maritime Museum, Kingston, NY

Aug          Woodlanders

                Rustic Structures and Sculptures Omega Institute

July          Teen Leadership Program, Community Center

May          Object-making with Natural Materials

                Dan's Studio  11-1   $50


Aug          Creative Workshops for Farmworker Teens

                Studio/Garden Tour for 30 Teen Leaders

July             Align your art with your life  OMEGA       OUTLINE 

                   Altered Hub Cap Workshop farmworker Boys Group

June            Garden Art, Mt St Mary College

April            Being in Nature, OCLT

Mar             Garden Art, Cornell Cooperative


Apr         Harrisburg, PA

July        Omega, Rhinebeck, NY

Aug        Woodlanders

Nov        Rowe, MA


A double spiral

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