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Wow, such an opportunity to explore Other ways of learning/connecting/sharing!  Can we just "be" together in some light trance with the inflection off the DOING, but still be connected through Materials and Making??  It's seeing what emerges.  I tried this with some beach bricks I found in early April on the shore of the Hudson River.  With just a simple penknife, these characters presented:






Sisters? Daughters? Household Deities?Furies?


These two face-to-face courses were cancelled.

April 25       Making Totems   at Pacha-Yoga

July 26-31   Making Imaginal Objects at The Omega Institute

But, I have five booklets of self-guided material, free, for you to download.  .After you explore these materials and a related Blog, and Make a few things, we can see if some Zoom event might be good.





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