Daniel Mack



January - March 2016 Warwick Studio Workshops
August 7-12 2016  Omega Institute

Dan offers several types of hands-on workshops:

1Working Rustic

in-studio workshops about the tools, materials and techniques of how to build

in the rustic style. 

It's about the WHAT and HOW of Rustic.    8-25 hour formats.

2.  Nature Play/Workshops

blends the What, How and Why... and is usually done out-of-the workshop.  We meet at some natural site and develop seeing, collecting and assembling skills.  Objects get made: benches, nature sculptures and small take-aways. The purpose is a new, fresh experience in nature.          2-6 hour formats

3. Creative Coaching

4. The Others   

are primaily about the WHY of making things with natrual materials; How to use natural materials and rustic approaches to develop personal creativity and access The Creative Unconscious. Objects get made, tools and materials used, but the emphasis is on object-making as a means to another experience. These are the workshops and trainings I develop and customise with other organizations.                                          2-16 hour formats



Daniel Mack has been working with sticks, saplings, logs, bark and driftwood for 25 years to make furniture, rustic architectural elements and small, simple objects. He has written five books on the techniques and attitudes of working rustic. He has learned about the 'language' of natural materials which he shares in this workshop, "Rustic is really a way of saying something about beauty, nature, longing and your place in the world. It's much more than just furniture".

Dan introduces the basic construction techniques and tools of rustic work as you work on your own projects. This workshop is excellent for people who have never used a drill or a hammer. But experienced builders and craftspeople will be surprised and challenged by the subtleties of the rustic ways of making things. You can expect to make two or three things during the course.

Daniel Mack is committed to sharing information about working with natural materials. Besides his writing, he has been teaching and about this for more 25 years...at The Omega Institute, his own studio, the Woodlanders Gatherings and various arts and crafts centers and healing centers.  He's organized an Arts-in-Healthcare Seminar and has recently started Arts in Nature, a custom-workshop service for organizations interested in deepening their experience of nature and human nature. Dan has begun on-line creativity workshops and salons with people around the world. He is developing what he calls: Wayward Psychology, an approach to well-being through making.    2008 Version