Daniel Mack working with natural materials

Organic Thinking

is always in progress, changing a bit


It's about Learning about Human Nature through Making with Natural Materials

It's also called

Mindful Making, Nature-Thinking, Plant-Thinking

Stirring The Creative Unconscious. Tree Thinking,

Alchemy, Surrealism

It is predominantly Image- and Object-based.

It does have its own language/words which are different from Logical Thinking or Technical Thinking.  As thin as words are, they can help shape the way we think and re-think about this. So here's a starter collection of words, descriptions and categories to help develop this Organic, Mindful Way. Some already have Practices and Actions attached, so you can start RIGHT NOW:


It's NomadicNo Studio, Workshop, Sanctuary needed. 

     Just simple, self-directed, anywhere, anytime

     Encounters with Chance & Accident & Play  done while waiting 

     somewhere, sitting on a train, plane, bus, car. This is the start of

     Mindful Making... Being MORE Where you Are.

     It's sharing the control of the moment with what's around.


It Loves DISTRACTIONS Allow yourself to moodle, to wander,

     to be amused, distracted      Have you seen Deadfly art?     or these?


It's about ACTIVE IMAGINATION: an inner dialogue with 

     someone unseen. Be a fly on a window in an attic in December on a grey day


It Hides in THIN PLACES  Find Them-Share Them 
It really, really, likes THOSE POCKET CARDS: :  

     Carry/USE simple pocket tools: gluestick/cards,a small knife

     First Make Cards that Remember and Record Your Life Markers        events, people, recurring themes, symptoms, body indicators: chills, 

        times of tears, feelings of certainty; sympathies, your dreams.

        Biographical Deck of Homemade Cards. There will be Suits, and                Trumps and, yes, Wild Cards and Jokers.This is not an execrcise

        in self-absorption or narcissism.  It is your attempt to get in touch 

        with your Ground, what you arrived here with and what Life Markers

        have shaped who who are.   On those modest little Cards, start to

        record something from these areas of your life. See what "suits"  



Haiku Feeds It.   Finding the universal in the specific; a tilted frame

        use the expected in unexpected waysRead Basho, Buson, Issa


It plays with Surrealists: Try those Techniques they developed: use smoke, dust, accident, chance

It presents in Four Needs or Four Appetites

       Do they seem familiar?  Again, on the Cards, jot down just words

       or markings of your memories or times of Awe and Wonder

       When have you been Feral, Risk-Taking

       What Skills/Strengths do you have? What have you done to 

       make one thing into another? What are you good at? Noted for?

       Are there Big Stories in your life that you still find yourself  

       remembering and telling. and living out again?


It's Chthonic: (THO-NIKThere's always something churning down there. It's earthy, Imaginative, out of sight, powerful, amoral. life-engaging, enraging?  Look Here


It's Ecological/Interactive/Inclusive: branching/changing Trust the Hunt and the Found to hold/generate their meaning Need to adjust the Story, make room for unexpected events, REVELATIONS, Discoveries; remains open to whatever emerges from ongoing exchanges; not self-certain  monological deduction or formal proof, but discovering truth through active listening and dialogue with parts of your s'elf

Inclusive.The Organic is just there, always there. Lots of people, just by being alive, now have a hand in what gets done; how it gets done; how it changes in the middle .It's collaborating with like-minded adventurers into the Creative Unconscious. It is not essentially hierarchial.I do not or should not need go to the Mountain and bring back those Tablets.

It's Fruiting.  There is a time of revelation, when the attention, the weathers come to fruition. a revelatory event, revealing elusive trends in the life of head, hands and  Heart.  It’s the quiet, thoughtful making of objects to allow spirit to manifest in matter. not unchanged!  


It's Transformative: TRANSPERSONAL/SPIRITUAL (intuitive)  The product of creative expression arising out of the pure joy of creating, grounded in a contemplative connection .  


It's Personal/Rooted in You-  YOU practice -- expressing from experience, from whatr you know, not about experience;


It's about Vertical Movement  from common to uncommon,  The Search for the Magical Other (our deferred s’elves) Creative Unconscious 


It's Seasonal: never finished, an infinite task, an ongoing play with others, the ancestors, the others of our time.


It's Action-Oriented: patterning, re-patterning on the materials of  life: the relationships, the feeling, the tasks and delights.   Emerson?  Peckham?


It's Multi-Level Activity:  Alawys happening on several levels at once: Like the Alchemists Visual-poetic-narrative    Intellectual,-pragmatic-intuitive

Buddha helped us out:" "Things are not what they seem, Nor are they Otherwise."  Thank you.    There are always Hidden Others 

List More Threes we know about:


It Needs time for Digesting as an honored activity:   

       Rest/Reflection/Feedback/burping/Farting on what patterns,

        what common materials tasted good


It Widens, deepens, broadens the context, quality of discovery --beyond “information”  to include  alternative modes of  knowing feeling, sensing, and intuiting ; use of contemplation, dreams, intuition, synchronicities, dialogue with inner figure /muse;  chance, accident  The Uncanny; Mistakes, Working with Disorder 

STORY MAKING: emphasis on the use, value, and power of stories;


COMMUNITY MAKING Emphasis on similarities shared realities with others, not differences; We Hunt and Gather in a Band. We are not always isolated “artists”, but colleagues, confederates, of the CreativeUnconscious. letting go of egoic control and preset structures; create of a group story of  seasons, harvest, cooking digesting


Words Involved in this are ORGANIC/BODY-based

List Keep a list on those CARDS

“Weathers”   getting colder, sunny, cloudy, moist, dry

"Wellness/Sickness" cancer, gout, lyme, death, dying,

“Bodily functions/fluids”  shedding, expelling, exfoliating, scabbing, oozing,

"Growing"  ripening, gathering, weeding,


Have the INTENTION to go on this Hunt. Agree that this is something you are interested in doing.

LOOK at a few decades of pictures of yourself. What do you see about yourself?  What stays more or less the same?





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