Daniel Mack


Artists Trading Cards: helping to learn more about The Imagination

2  1/2" x 3  1/2"  cards with images or materials on them... really, just small collages on cards that say something about nature and human nature.

In January, 2013, I was a part of 120 people around the world making and trading these cards.

"You create 4 cards and get back 3 from other community members who are participating in the exchange.  Our swap’s theme: Pocket Change focuses on the power of creating change through making something small (in the form of an ATC) and through small acts of creative kindness.
In addition to the ATC exchange, we also invite you to spread creative kindness to others through making Pocket Change ATCs for others (friends, family, co-workers, randomly leaving them in places for strangers, etc.) and letting us know how you used this act to keep the Pocket Change process going.
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DanMack's Cards

I have been working with fragments, changes and appropriate violations as necessary parts of the human story.  I now work "4-up" on a single 5" x7" sheet of thick handmade paper then cutting the finished work into the

required size.



This series, "Adjusting the Story", has bits of map,a fingerprint, a torn holy card, oxcalis petals, commercial female icons, tissue paper and mirror shards, a spiral drawing and feathers from a bird that died behind my house.  The purpose is to help people along as they are adjusting and updating their Stories.