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"The mind of a child is a fire to be kindled,

not a vessel to be filled."          Plato



WVHS Conservation Class Spring 2019 Project,

Nancy Colgan, Teacher   Dan Mack/Joe Blevis involved

Projects students can complete to enhance the 3 Pines Nature Center. 

1. Pretend fire building scenario
2. Shelter building scenario
3. Tracking scenario
4. Entrance way alternative
5. Nature Loom frame concept

or any other student generated ideas.


assignment includes:
1. a brief explanation of how people might interact with their element
2. a sketch of their element 

3. a list of materials needed to construct the element. 


I would greatly appreciate your presence while students are working on this project to provide guidance. 


WVHS Conservation Class Visit Diary


Thursday, Mar. 8  Joe visits Class

Here's what we discussed at class today


Fire building ideas:
- build a fire ring there
- they create and learn how to use their own bow drill kits, and possibly do a demo at 3 pines
- creating a "fake fire" that is hooked up to a fan/lights

- make a cement path, and create fake tracks in the cement
- go out and create their own plaster casts to put on display at 3 pines
-create a field guide/master list specific to this area, of mammals they mind find here
- create a tracking box for tracking scenarios, 
- create a tracking box for a bait line
- set up trail cams around the property
- there was a lot of interest in how to process an animal and use all of it 

- provide material for kids to create their own shelter
- learn about building a debris hut
- create a "permanent primitive shelter at 3 pines
- learn about hide tanning/fur processing

- concerns about it being broken/stolen/rotting in the weather
- weave flowers, beads, etc
- create a finished product - rug, clothing, blanket, etc.

- something welcoming and interactive
- an archway/trellis with Vines growing over it
- creating a drawbridge
- some sort of tunnel, maybe from a hollowed out tree
- a welcoming sign made of wood/natural materials


Wednesday, March 6, 8:35-9:35  Dan visits class  Made 30 image Presentation

Friday, Mar 1, 9:35- 10:35  (Snow Day, 2-hr delay)

Joe returning to Nancy Colgan"s WVHS Conservation Classto keep it cooking.

"Depending on how long I have with your class, maybe we could do a quick workshop/demo of something?" 


Monday, Feb 25 , 9:35   Dan met with Class at WVHS to talk about possible projects.


Nature Loom into Rail Fencing

Guides to the Animal Tracks and Scat that may be found at 3 Pines

Survival Shelter Building Area in the Wilder Part of the Area

Photos from the Class on Feb 25