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Dan Still Making

Rustic Chairs   


Imaginal Objects                                                                                               

Bark Carvings  

Trading Cards 


Dan Exhibiting

River Shaman Tool Kits 2017

Ode to Earth  

Spirit into Matter

Dear Mother Nature                                                                                                                                                       

Dan Photos

Hamma Hamma River, Eldon, WA

Dying Salmon   9/16

The Remains    2/17

20 Images

Dan Writing

Thin Places Columns    

Artists Statements 

Book on the Creative Unconscious

Rustic Blog     

Organic Thinking


Dan Teaching                                                           

At The Omega Institute                                                             "Spirit-Tool-Rust" in Ode to Earth

At his Studio/Laborarory


exploring the Creative Unconscious

using Natural Materials

Learn How

Just Rustic

At Woodlanders

Nature Play


Sources, Resources, Materials

Current Community Work

The Seligmann Center for Surrealism

Developing the 55-acre homestead of

Surrealist Kurt Seligman  VIDEO

Wickham Woodlands    Facebook Page

revisioning & repurposing a 600-acre

prison site as a new Town Park with a

Re-Use Center?  +   Makers Space?

Healing Woodlands   + Nature Play Area?

Universal Design Trail?

Dan's Interests

Being "wayward"

in a Mayan Village

Lenape Presence              

Surrealism/Kurt Seligmann  (Video)




You Must PLAY!   

Faeries, Trolls & Chthonic forces


Grasshopper Grove Play Area 




Artist's Statements

Bio 2016

The Studio

The Studio, again