Daniel Mack

Rustic Furnishings

NY Woodlanders Gatherings

2010  August 21-23 Warwick, New York    

40 attendees                  Comments-Reactions

Cynthia Fletcher organized with Dan Mack

Theme: Illness, Wellness and Natural Materials.

      Illness is an indication of some crack in the system.

       ... an opportunity to work with, to change something.

Swap of Materials, Books and Tools

Tents of Materials/Tools/Work Areas            

    for formal and impromptu workshops on:

Nature and Healing     Meditation led by David Wiener

         Alchemy: Learning to Work with the Technical, Spiritual, Intuitive

         Shekinah Rae presents on porotiti, cousin to the bullroarer

         Lynn Hoins: a workshop and exercises on Journaling

         Laurie Seeman on The Nature of Water: vortexes!

         Hannah Maxwell returned with Gyrokinesis

Tools, Materials and Techniques  with natural materials

          Dan demonstrated Shaker Seat Weaving and had materials and models 

          for wallets from coffee bean bags,  Woodland Indian gorgets plus Bark

          to carve and Cards to make.

          Matthew set up his lathe and helped people turn wooden rings

          A pick-up load of White Birch appeared and disappeared


            Dan Mack on his work with at-risk youth and natural materials;

             advertising on Facebook and new thoughts on how rustic mind fits in.

            Lori Charkey and Mark Becker present on making simple toys.

            Rich Pillar helps us make rustic sistrums

            Shekinah and Michelle had Block Carving materials all weekend

            Cynthia Fletcher on ink/brush drawing

            WickerLady carried messages away in a Great Blaze

            Kim Vergil opened an early AM Dream Workshop

            Krissie Nagy played her banjo

            Aiden traded Dan two rocks for a tarot book


2009   August 21-23 Warwick, NY 

It rained almost all the time. 

ah, but we ate well!                  see FOOD

36 People Came              Comments

Shekinah Rae's Photos      Afterwards


What Happened or could have:


Bull Roarers, Rich Pillar

Make a Bamboo Flute, Matthew Fallon

Making a Rustic Cedar Slab Leopold Bench, Bill Olendorf

Tramp Art-Chip Carving, Rob Gorrell 

Weaving Chair/Stool Seats from Shaker Tape, Dan Mack  

Mask making: on papier mache forms

Woodland Garments: imaginal tribal clothing, Andrea Coleman!!   

Working with Palm bark

Mark-Making with Mud, Clay and Charcoal

HEALING: Tissue Paper Collage, Arlene Geiger

HEALING: Mattering Spirit: Imaginal Cards, Dan Mack

HEALING: Making a Rope Labyrinth

Available, but low interest:
Make a Bench Hook: a portable work area,

Hypertuffa: sand, peat moss, vermiculite, cement vessels 


Didn't Happen... MAYBE 2010

HEALING: Mattering Spirit: Imaginal Tool Workshop

Making a small rustic chair

Dyeing with Natural Materials, Rita Schwab 

Faerie Tables, Kim Vergil

Faerie Garden Design, Victoria Mowrer


Edible and medicinal herb walk, Jessica Lawlor/Adam Hamer

Rich Pillar showed us all how to find and stimulate seed release from Jewelweed

Early Morning Dream Workshop, Kim, Andrea and all

Those invasive plants and trees!   Jessica Lawlor/Adam Hamer

John Simon did a Divination Drawing of the Gathering on Satyrday

Gyrokinesis, Hannah Maxwell


Didn't Happen... MAYBE 2010

Nature-oriented improvisational workshop  Integrating actions, simple objectives, changing imaginative circumstances, play with focusing, distractions, stillness, silence Grace Woodard

The lives of animals: Tracking and Bird Songs

Woods, Water and Road Tyme: field trips to natural locations with Laurie Seeman

Yoga Nidra--Yogic Sleep, a meditation technique, Victoria Mowrer


Those before us: Visiting a Lenape Rock Shelter   2 miles away

Pacem in Terris: a spiritual center and nature/art center built on a stream behind a junkyard. A MUST VISIT       2 miles away

Collecting Splintered Wood from a Tree hit by Lightening on 8/21/09

Didn't Happen... MAYBE 2010

Visit Two juvenile Great Horned Owls.        6 mi away

4. COMMUNITY BUILDING Play in Nature: 


Build &Burn Willow Man,

Kinetic Art in Nature:

the well-balanced flying dragon




Using Media and Social Media: Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Plaxo, blogging?

Applying Woodlander skills and sensibilities: Working in healthcare?

Should Woodlanders form chapters of the Children and Nature Network?
HEALING: long distance entanglements/mediatations, David Weiner.